Hi – I’m Allie. So stoked you are here!

Lets jump right into it and here are  few random things about me:

– My incredible husband and I have been together for 11 years (eeek), and have three beautiful babies together.

– I never say no to a good latte.

– An exciting action movie, anything Marvel really, or an episode of Friends is usually on in the background somewhere on any given random evening!

– I love to travel- who doesn’t though? I love me some sunshine, a good beach and delicious food. Like, I love food a lot. hahah

Photography sort of happened to me on accident. I’ve always had a creative side but never really thought I’d end up where I’m at. Now it’s what has my heart. I love love love photographing love.  And details. Give me all the love and details and I will give you everything I’ve got!

So say hi. If you’re comfortable with laughing (sort of) on cue, probably giving lots of hugs, hearing me say “yeeess” a lot when I’m behind the camera – we’re gonna get along just fine!

Thanks for stopping by. Can’t want to hear from you!

Photo by Green House Photo Co.